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Tech'n Trade Club House Rules

The culture we invite every member into is care and ownership for this place. You are co-responsible for keeping it safe, hospitable, relaxed and work-friendly.

To make our club a great working environment for all of us, these are our house rules:

To access the Club space, first you need to make a booking. Login with your account, select the day and time interval that you prefer and create the booking.
Please note:

  • Booking is available only for the available time slots, considering the maximum number of seats bookable and active bookings;
  • As a member you can book a seat only once per day;
  • Only one booking can be made at a time;
  • Booking length is maximum 3 hours, but if you really need to stay more, you can Extend your stay with an additional 30 minutes. For this, please use the “Extend” button in your account, when initial booking time is coming to an end;
  • Remember that other members need their time and place at the Club as much as you do. Please stick to the booked interval;
  • If you made a booking and you can’t make it, please cancel it, so other members can make a use of it. You can do this easily from your account, not later than 30 minutes from the booking starting time. Otherwise, penalty points will apply for each booking that was not confirmed with the opening of the Tech’n Trade Club door, using the generated QR code. Penalty points gets reseted weekly, but if reaching 2 penalty points in a week, you will get banned from booking for two weeks;


  • To open the Club door you need to generate a QR code from your account and use it with the QR reader available at the premise. You can do this not earlier than 5 minutes before the booking period starts. If you are a bit late, don’t worry, you can still get in, but not later than 30 minutes from the booking period starts. If you can’t make it, please cancel your booking, before penalty points apply (see above).
  • Please hold your mobile phone at about 20-30 cm under the QR code reader, until you hear a beep, which indicates that the door has been opened.
  • If you go out for smoking or just to take some air, remember that you need to generate a new QR code to re-enter the space.
  • When your booking ends, make sure you leave everything as you found and exit the space, so other members can enjoy it also.

Tech’n Trade Club opening hours are Monday – Friday: 9-20, closed in weekends and during national holidays.

Occasionally, we will host events that will be prior announced. We encourage you to host your own meetings or events if you would like to share a topic of interest with the other members.
When making or receiving phone calls keep in mind this is a shared space.

Please keep the workspace clean. Don’t leave trash or items at the workspace or in the bathroom. If something is not working, or office supplies have run out, or something is broken, or you find a lost item that belongs to somebody else, please inform the person at the registration desk/the host or send us an email at club@techntrade.ro.
If you have hosted a meeting, please clean the whiteboard and flipcharts after use, organize the tables and chairs.
If you are the last one to leave the space, please make sure to close all windows, switch off the lights and make sure that the door to the space is closed!

Once you have joined the Tech’n Trade Club, you agree to be bound by Tech’n Trade Club House Rules. Membership of Tech’n Trade Club is a continuous membership and may be cancelled by Tech’n Trade Club or by the member.
Membership is strictly non-transferable, assignable or to be used by any other person. Photo identification may also be required for security purposes.
Tech’n Trade Club may refuse entry to any member who fails to prove membership.
Tech’n Trade Club reserves the right to verify the compliance with the bookings made. If the present rules are broken, your membership could be canceled.

You are welcome to invite your guests for meetings at Tech’n Trade Club; you are their host and we love it if you show them what Tech’n Trade Club is about. Guests are to be with you for the purpose of a meeting/event and are not permitted to remain at Tech’n Trade Club if you are not present.
You can invite one guest/booking by filling in the booking form with his name and email.
Members must ensure that their guests also adhere to Tech’n Trade Club House Rules and each member is responsible for the actions of any guest brought into the premises of Tech’n Trade Club.

Tech’n Trade Club, Metro Digital, its representatives, sub-contractors or suppliers shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or theft of any member or their guests’ personal belongings whilst on the premises.

Wireless internet connection is provided for the benefit of the members and their guests and must be used with the observance of the legislation and good morals. Passwords are available with the host and must not be shared with any other party.

The property and assets of Tech’n Trade Club, its members and guests must be used in accordance with the available operation instructions and must not be removed or damaged. Tech’n Trade Club reserves its right to claim relevant costs and damages from the persons responsible for any such damage or removal incurred.

You can help yourself with coffee, tea and water. Make sure you throw away the cups in the specific container after serving and keep the coffee corner area clean.
Because the Club is a shared space with all the community members, please note that eating is not allowed inside the Club space.

Tech’n Trade Club is committed to providing a safe and comfortable working and socializing environment within its premises. This commitment requires a clear statement of our policy on alcohol and drug misuse by the members and their guests.
Tech’n Trade Club reserves the right to refuse access and/or to request to leave the location to the persons under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Alcohol/drug consumption in breach of this policy is strictly prohibited, risks the safety and comfort of oneself, Tech’n Trade Club’s members and guests and will be regarded as a serious violation of Tech’n Trade Club’s House Rules, triggering the cancellation of membership of the member intoxicated / the member inviting the intoxicated guest.

Smoking is not allowed inside, but you can smoke in the special designated areas from outside.

14. PETS
Please leave your pets at home.

We are sharing our toilets with METRO DIGITAL employees. They are meant to stay clean.

Please keep the volume low.

Our team members can ask a member or guest to leave the building if their behavior compromises our house rules.

Any breach of Tech’n Trade Club’s House Rules may prevent future access and use of Tech’n Trade Club, trigger liability for damages and even cancellation of membership. Tech’n Trade Club reserves the right to amend these House Rules at any time. Tech’n Trade Club’s House Rules are available on the website and at the registration desk.

Please be advised that access to Tech’n Trade Club is supervised for security reasons by CCTV cameras located outside the premises. Data recorded by the CCTV cameras are processed by Metro Digital Romania SRL, having its headquarters at Voluntary City, 4C Pipera Tunari Avenue, Construdava Business Building, 1st floor, Office no. 1, Ilfov County, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J23/5428/2020, Sole Registration Number RO43319098 (hereinafter referred to as “Metro Digital”) and will be stored for a maximum 30 days period.
The processing of the recorded data, which may include your personal image, are processed by Metro Digital for security purposes and is grounded on the legitimate interest of the company, according to article 6 (1), letter (f) of GDPR. That recorded data will not be transferred to any third party, save for the cases when it is specifically required by law or requested by public authorities.
You may contact our data protection officer at any time with a formless notification for exercising your rights according to the GDPR, using the following contact data: e-mail dataprotection-ro@metro.digital . These rights are the following:
(i) the right to receive information about the data processing (right to access, Art. 15 GDPR),
(ii) the right to demand the rectification of inaccurate data or the completion of incomplete data (right to rectification, Art. 16 GDPR),
(iii) the right to demand the erasure of personal data and, in case the personal data have been made public, the information towards other controllers about the request of erasure (right to erasure, Art. 17 GDPR),
(iv) the right to demand the restriction of the data processing (right to restriction of processing, Art. 18 GDPR),
(v) right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR),
(vi) the right to object the data processing in order to stop it (right to object, Art. 21 GDPR),
(vii) the right to withdraw a given consent at any time to stop a data processing that is based on your consent. The withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent before the withdrawal (right to withdraw consent, Art. 7 GDPR),
(viii) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you consider the data processing to be an infringement of the GDPR (right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, Art. 77 GDPR).